Welcome to Blue Crystal Glass – Europe Services


Your antique and modern glass repaired, no matter how badly damaged.

In 1971  our firm started to specialize in repairing and restoring just Blue Crystal Glass and since then we have moved on to repair and restore antique and modern glass – along with making and matching items from photographs and the remainder of the pair.

Our workshops are based in the UK, in the county of Essex but if you are visiting London we provide a pick-up service in London’s Portobello Road – Antique area. You can also leave items for repair in Harrods, Knightsbridge (Lalique) if you wish.

We are also recommended by some of the most qualified ‘antique specialists’ on the planet. We also do some work for them in the UK.


Our workshop machinery dates from the Victorian era in part – and our skills are in the main  from the early 1900’s – and we tie that in with the use of modern materials and techniques in order to make sure the repairs to your cherished items are the best they can be and ‘so as you wouldn’t notice’

We don’t have a glassblower on-site, as this is one of the more specialized skills – we contract this work out to a handful of firms, under our guidance to ensure any copies made are based on the same materials and processes.

You can ship your broken items using any of the major couriers and we return completed items securely via UPS/DHL/DPD

Our quotations for repairs are normally binding either in Euro  or £ Sterling. Just send us your photographs (Email/Whatsapp) and we will provide a written quotation, you send us your damaged item, we’ll repair and ship it back to you.

There is a one hundred percent guarantee of satisfaction on all work

You can contact Blue Crystal Glass Limited Below.