Top-tier Repairs for Your Precious Lalique Pieces

Has one of your treasured Lalique vases or sculpture pieces been damaged?

Rather than writing them off as losses, turn to the our specialist restoration services – Blue Crystal Glass for repairs that meet your exacting standards.

We are experienced in Lalique repairs and have been doing some since the 1970’s.

Most of our work involves the careful repair of antique crystal and glass and we are experts handling of high-end crystalware and glass.

Blue Crystal Glass also has the specialised expertise required for handling your Lalique i pieces.

Our master artisans have honed their skills over years specifically in restoring delicate crystal to preserve its refined beauty and value. Have a look at some of our work, or our Google reviews.

Unlike ordinary glass repairers, we have access to the original cutting dies to make parts that flawlessly recreate any missing or broken sections of your Lalique.

We go above and beyond to ensure the restored product matches the precise aesthetics and quality of a museum original. We can also carry out sympathetic repairs for those items that are older or that acknowldges an item has been broken or damaged.

Don’t settle for subpar repairs that diminish the essence of what makes Lalique crystal so precious. As committed repairers of the brand’s legacy, we have an intimate understanding of what makes these creations resonate with collectors and our work leaves no visible sign of damage.

You’ll find the finished product is indistinguishable from when it first left the legendary Lalique studios.

For repairs that live up to the refinement of your glassware investment, trust only the master craftsmanship and eye for detail that Blue Crystal Glass provides.

Contact us today to restore your beloved Lalique pieces to their rightful glory.

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